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#1508 Boundaries, Ethically Determined - Part Three

Total Credits: 2 including 2 hours Ethics

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Boundaries Bundle
Kenneth G. Gold, RPLS
1 Hour 55 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Boundaries Ethically Determined Part Three Webinar taught by Kenneth G. Gold, RPLS.

The original eight-hour seminar explored the intertwined rules, laws, and ethics at play when planning and proposing for a sizable land surveying project. It included many “what to do” and “need to know” ethical and legal advisories, along with “what not to do” cautions. Some ethical rules explored include those of the former TBPLS still in effect.

Part 3: Two-hours

This webinar will offer a review of communication’s do’s and don’ts.  It explores surveys for acreage and subdivisions and boundary decisions often necessary when dividing real estate. Additionally, it will explore surveying challenges such as when, how, and where apportionment can be appropriate . . . or practical, or even ethical and financially appropriate.

* Earn two (2) PDHs including 2 hours of Ethics



Kenneth G. Gold, RPLS's Profile

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Ken Gold is a surveying and mapping consultant, limited practice; analysis and legal testimony; short course and seminar surveying instructor specializing in handling land surveying problems and in surveying education.   He participates with Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, and specialty seminars for the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors. His professional history began with Hudson Engineering, 1944; interrupted for W.W.II where he served in the U.S. Marine Corps; returned to survey in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  He worked in both field and office operations.

Some of Mr. Gold’s former and current career achievements are:  TSPS President, Chairman of the TSPS Standards Committee, ACSM Fellow member, Member of NSPS Board of Governors and Board of Directors, former Chair for Excellence in Surveying, Blucher Institute For Surveying and Science, Twice TSPS Surveyor of the Year awardee, TSPS 2012 Eminent Educator Award, author of Decisions, a TSPS publication, and past Chair of TBPLS’ Item Writing Committee.