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Problems Associated with Riparian Boundary Surveys Beginning with the Shifting Sands of the Red River Boundary with Oklahoma, SCOTUS, the Gradient Boundary, Surveys, Resurveys, and an Act of Congress

Total Credits: 4 including 4 Professional Development Hours

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Davey Edwards, PhD, PLS, LSLS |  Ben Thomson, RPLS, LSLS |  Dick Elgin, PhD, PLS, PE
3 Hours 17 Minutes
Audio and Video
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A discussion about working along the Red River with the working knowledge of previously identified avulsions by Stiles’ and Kidder’s reports, avulsions in which knowledge of jurisdictional surveying needed, and the 2000 Red River Boundary Compact. Dr. Edwards will have real case studies on various projects along the Red River in which he worked. He will then finish with the Aderholt vs. BLM court case and the Red River Gradient Boundary Survey Act of 2019.

Objectives to be taught:

  • The Adams-Onis Treaty, explained.
  • The applicable Red River decisions in the SCOTUS, 1892-1925.
  • The Stiles article of 1952.
  • Understanding the current issues and how to approach riparian boundary surveying along the Red River.



Davey Edwards, PhD, PLS, LSLS Related Seminars and Products

Davey Edwards is a professional land surveyor in Texas and Oklahoma. He also has been duly qualified as a Texas licensed land surveyor and a U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Federal land surveyor. He is currently a professional assistant professor in the Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Systems Engineering programs at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. He is the appointed director of the Texas Spatial Reference Center in the Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science.

Ben Thomson, RPLS, LSLS Related Seminars and Products

C.B. "Ben" Thompson is registered in Texas as a Professional Land Surveyor/Licensed State Land Surveyor and Professional Engineer and also a Licensed Land Surveyor in Colorado. In 1988 Ben accepted employment with the Texas General Land Office and retired there as Senior Land Surveyor in March of 2008. Ben has served TSPS as member of Board of Directors (TSPS Surveyor of the Year 1980) and has been an integral part of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). Ben served the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying by appointment by the governor for two six-year terms and then served as representative for the Commissioner of the General Land Office for an additional 16 years.

Dick Elgin, PhD, PLS, PE Related Seminars and Products

Richard “Dick” Elgin, PhD, PS, PE, a second-generation surveyor, was raised in St. James, Missouri and in his late parents' surveying business located in nearby Rolla. From 1984 until 2008 Dick was the owner and President of Elgin Surveying & Engineering, Inc. Semi retired, Dick currently works for Archer Elgin Engineering, Surveying and Architecture.