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Total Credits: 2 including 2 Professional Development Hours

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Surveying Astronomy Bundle
David Alan Rolbiecki |  William D. O'Hara |  Paul T. Carey
2 Hours 02 Minutes
Audio and Video
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In Part 1B, the student will learn how to interpolate Nautical Almanac data in order to solve the Astronomical Triangle using spherical trigonometry; use interactive and web-based aids to solve Celestial Navigation problems; apply over-the-horizon navigation by dead reckoning and computing a Celestial Line of Position; determine latitude of your position at Local Apparent Noon; and determine longitude of your position by Equal Altitudes.  At the end of Part 1B, students will participate in three Practical Exercises covering what they learned in Parts 1A & 1B. 

Students who participate in all four parts will leave with the confidence and skills to train surveyors and field crews on how to perform field astrometric observations by “following the footsteps” of their predecessors.

This course is ideal for young surveyors who were raised on satellite positioning technology. All surveyors with varying degrees of experience are encouraged to attend. Experience in trigonometric functions is required. The student should bring a calculator that can convert degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees and back, engineer scale, protractor, parallel rules (may be substituted using drafting triangles), and a mechanical lead pencil.

* Earn two (2) hours of PDH's per webinar.



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Paul graduated from St. Mary's University, Class of '78, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology.  He worked as an oil field geologist in South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico until 1980.  He was employed as a Party Chief and Technician and in the San Antonio area from 1980-1986, passing the RPLS exam in 1986.  Paul opened Carey Land Surveying the same year and earned his LSLS in 2002.
In 1995, Paul formed a cooperative association with Frank Lubbock Kennedy, RPLS 1461 and succeeded Frank as President of Medina Valley Surveys in 2003. 
A the TSPS, Paul has served as President, Director, Liaison to the County Clerks Association, Chairman of the Awards Committee and Chairman of the Nominating Committee.  He currently serves as a Member of the Governmental Affairs Committee, and Education Committee as Chairman of both the Seminars and Symposium sub-committee and the Course and Speaker Development sub-committee.  Additionally, Paul is Trustee and Secretary of the TSFI and Chapter 22 President and their Representative for the past 16 years.
Paul has been involved in Surveyor education since 1985 at his Chapter, for the Conrad Blucher Institute and through the TSPS and is actively engaged today in the development and presentation of informative educational offerings for Texas Surveyors.
In the Castroville community Paul has served as: Chairman of the Historic Landmark Committee, a participant in the Master Plan Workshop, a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee and is in his second term as a City Councilman, acting as Mayor-Pro-Tem during his first term.